Hygiene (Dental Cleaning)

Regular dental cleaning can improve your oral health and keep your teeth in top condition. In addition to performing a regular home-care regimen of daily brushing and flossing, the Academy of General Dentistry recommends a visit to your dentist every six months for a dental cleaning and routine examination.


Dental x-rays are a normal part of visiting the dentist, whether part of a routine visit or to help diagnose a problem. Wolcott Dentistry uses fully digital x-ray technology, creating less exposure to x-rays. Images allow us to better see the condition of your teeth, showing tooth alignment, decay, as well as root and bone structures. The Academy of General Dentistry recommends panoramic images be taken every 3-5 years and bite wings once per year. Images may also be necessary to determine the cause of a dental problem, most of which are covered by insurance plans.


Dental sealants are a protective coating placed on back teeth. They provide a barrier to bacteria and plaque, thus helping prevent cavities and tooth decay. Most commonly used for children because of the new growth of permanent teeth, sealants can benefit adults as well.

Oral cancer screening

During a routine visit, a dentist performs a visual oral examination to look for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. The objective of the screening is early cancer detection which increases treatment success.

Periodontics Maintenance (Non-surgical gum care)

A professional dental cleaning includes removing bacterial plaque and tarter buildup above and below the gum line. This cleaning and a review of your gum health is made during a regular checkup to help prevent gum disease. Removal of more extensive plaque may require a scaling and/or root planing procedure, which requires local anesthesia.

Mouth Guard Protection

Sports guards are fitted to your mouth to protect your teeth during sporting activities. A variety of colors and designs are available and a mouth guard can be personalized with a message.

Sleeping guards can reduce headaches and aching jaws created by the clenching and grinding of teeth during sleep. An NTI is a clear plastic device that fits over your front teeth while you sleep, preventing your jaw from clenching and your back teeth grinding. The NTI is an FDA approved migraine prevention system.


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